Texfyt is specialist in producing and commercializing nonwoven fabrics.

The nonwoven fabric is a plane, flexible and porous structure constituted of fiber blankets placed in a certain direction or by chance, that are consolidated by a mechanic (fiction) and/or chemical (adhesion), and/or thermic (cohesion) process.

In English, Nonwoven, in Italian Nontessuto – rule NBR-13370.


Our Products





Texfyt products are applied on the following industries:

Automobile Industry

Production of needled nonwoven fabrics for car and truck interior finish for the main automakers in the industry of Mercosur. Diverse application on the automobile industry, including ceiling covering, object holders, seats, and several others.


Shoe industry

Shoe covering, insoles, and interior finish fabric.


Formats & finishes



Since polyester has thermoplastics characteristics, when it’s applied on the material, the fibers are fixed.



The printing consists in printing patterns and/or chemical substances on the surface of the product with the goal of altering its aesthetic and constructive properties.


Hydro/oil repellent

The impermeabilization consists of applying chemical substances on the nonwoven fabric through immersion or contact with the goal of avoiding the accumulation of debris, and repelling water and/or oil.



The thermo-stickers application is done through an outsourced process, that consists of applying a sticker on the non-aesthetic side, which will react to heat and adhere to another surface.




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